Happy New Year!
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Just want to take a moment from lurking around on LJ (yes, I'm still here reading everyone's posts) to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I hope you all had a good Christmas too.

So many changes in 2014, personally, professionally and interest-wise, some good some bad. But overall it was a year of...disappointment. Here's hoping 2015 meets or exceeds expectations. :)

And another thing...
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Last night was the 50th anniversary of the Beatles coming to America. I think Friday was the 50th anniversary of them performing in City Park in New Orleans. I respect the Beatles for their music but my mother cursed me with the name of one of their songs, so I never really got into them.

Which leads me to what band I did get into. 30 friggin years ago on Valentine's Day I saw my very first Duran Duran concert and have been scarred errr...amazed ever since. Dang where has the time gone?

They're the only famous people I've never truly met and would love to one day. I kinda sorta met Nick and Simon getting out of their limo before said concert with a hundred other screaming fans and all I had to show for it was a pen that Nick used to sign my friend's autograph. The pen is lost to the winds of time.

Like I said last night, things seem to be coming full circle. I remember when in the 80's our late 30-40 year old parents were bringing back the 60's and I wondered then if that time would ever come for me. Well I guess it has. My neighbor (born when I was a sophomore in high school!) went to a carnival party that was 80's theme and she asked me for some advice on her costume. I guess my time has come!

Full circle
Yesterday I went to New Orleans Comic Con, mainly to see Matt Smith but to also get out and see what the con circuit is like these days, since I doubt I'll make to another out of town con anytime soon.

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As much as I love cold weather, I've never been out of the South!
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visited 18 states (36%)
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I did fly in and out of New York on my way to Spain...does that count?

Someone watching over me
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For some reason, I've been having little flashbacks to summers long past spent at my maternal grandmother's house and they make me both happy and sad at the same time. The summer has been milder this year, so maybe it reminds me of a time when I could tolerate and enjoy being out in the mid-day sun. This morning I walked out to my car to go to work and heard a bird (a wren I think) singing on the telephone pole outside the gate. Suddenly it seemed as if the concrete and city melted away and I was standing in a whitewashed shell drive way (the two tracks kind, not a solid one) with a lush green lawn all around that lead to my grandmother's garage and next to her house. It was the day I found shiny stars, the kind that they used to make stickers out of, in the driveway - I never knew where they came from. I thought they had just fallen from the sky, out of an airplane perhaps (because her house was under the main flight path to the airport) but fascinating none the less. I remember laughing and going "ooooh pretty" and picking them up. I think there were wrens singing in the trees all around the large yard (which seemed like an acre then, but was probably only a quarter of one). Then I snapped out of it as I remotely unlocked my car and it beeped. I looked down as I neared my car and found a glow in the dark star, much bigger than the stickers and it was like finding a piece of that memory on the ground. I picked it up, smiled, put it in my car and said, "Thanks MawMaw for watching over me" and went off to work, probably down the some of same streets she and my grandfather used to drive when he worked in the city. She would have been 100 this year in November and she passed exactly 20  years ago this past spring.

Happy Birthday!
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First things first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY indiwise! I hope you have a wonderful birthday with family and friends surrounding you. And hopefully a new PG friend for life too!  In other news, I'm still alive but most lurking on LJ, so sorry for not commenting much but I am reading everyone's posts. I just don't have much exciting or interesting to post about but I am thankful that I still have the same job and in the same apartment and have made a few new acquaitances around town. I did get a new car out of necessity - the old one died - but it has helped me feel better about traveling around town. Fandom stuff: loved the new Wilfred, excited about the new Hobbit and seeing Tauriel, sad about Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who but looking forward to more Dom on Wild Things. Still can't get the creative juices flowing, though I did have an idea for a Hobbit video that went out the window when I realized that my out of date my software is and all the work that goes into making one. Looking forward to seeing "The Lone Ranger" though and can't wait for Sherlock in the fall. My kids may come to visit at the end of July provided my ex is still in a good mood - may possibly get to spend a day or two with my daughter which I'm really excited about. If she does make it, I might get to experience a couple of firsts with her: a second ear piercing and hair dye! Hope all is well with everyone and I'll try to post more often now that work has slacked up a bit and the heat keeps me inside more. Sorry for the lack of paragraphs - my "Enter" key either isn't working or it doesn't like LJ - go figure!

Bonne Anniversaire!
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Happy birthday to my talented and wonderful friend karadin! I hope you have a great birthday weekend and a wonderful week off!
PS: check your email

Happy birthday Rakshi!
Elijah LR
I know you're having a great day and hope it continues all throughout the year. You truly are living your golden years and I really admire and aspire to that.  Enjoy yourself!

Alone in a crowded room
It's lunchtime. Again. I'm in this large building in the middle of this party town filled to the brim with office workers,tourists, celebs, football teams, tv crews and homeless resident beggars. The only thing seperating me from the last group is a few paychecks & internet access. I guess that's why I'm here in the thick of it all but silence is all around. No one wants to be near or with the outcasts; you won't see them on TV just like I'll never be seen outside this office or my home.
It's too quiet; maybe the IT geeks are still here...

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And another thing
beauty beyond reach
Why is it when I go out of my way or even just as part of my way to help someone, do something nice for them or buy things for them (like lunch), I'm the one that ends up feeling used, alone and like there's no one to help me when I need something?  It's probably that I keep hoping if I do something for someone, the favor/act will be appreciated and reciprocated later.

Or maybe I'm just too needy and just need to stop being nice. Pfft.


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